"Activity will create results"

Soltech serves customers to help their business in Finland operate efficiently and with high quality.

Soltech is an active factor for the customer's benefit.

Interim/Project Manager

Development of operations will be done in a systematic and practical step at a time, proceeding for the client.

To help business go over crises.

Development of enterprise will be started by identifying the various functions and procedures. Attempted to improve the positive changes.

Practices and processes, renewal and creation of co-factors to help the company to work systematically and efficiently.

Derived from the increased cooperation within the organization or between organizations in collaborative activities.

By customer oriented business development will create growth, change and develope.

Product development Service

Soltech´s Product Development -service helps companies in project implementation and for example product development processes at different stages of life cycle management concept.

Soltech´s experience can assist with: budgeting, project management, design, testing, approvals, quality assurance and documentation. Experience in domestic and international projects to help companies implement their goals.

Special areas:
Project management
SW/HW engineering

Mechanics 3D-design (ProE/Creo)

Soltech products

Soltech actively developes products for sustainable solarenergy.
Latest development achieved: Solar tracker.
Solar tracker has been secured by utility model.


Soltech Oy was established in late 2010. The company's goal is to help abroad customers improve their products and operations.The aim is to be actively involved in creating new and improving existing. Soltech is networked with partners, and also works with customers' own partners.


Soltech Oy
Mikko Hellström, CEO
Uudenkylänmäki 7
02750 Espoo, FINLAND
E-mail: mikko.hellstrom (at) soltech.fi
Phone: +358 40 5603845
Business ID: 2379860-9

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