"Activity will create results"

Soltech serves customers to help their business in Finland operate efficiently and with high quality.

Soltech is an active factor for the customer's benefit.

Project Manager from Soltech

Do You need help with development projects:
  • Product - and Service Projects: IT / SW Project, HW / Electronics, Mechanics, Production Co-operation
  • Improving competitiveness: LEAN, cost cutting,
  • Quality/Operational development
  • Renewal
  • Other need

Product development Service

Soltech´s Product Development -service will helps.

Project goals:
  • Modifications to products and services are created to meet this goal.
  • Modifying processes to meet efficient operations.
  • Improving the quality of services, products, and operations to the right level.
  • Help for change to move forward


Soltech Oy was established in 2010. The company's goal is to help abroad customers improve their products and operations. The aim is to be actively involved in creating new and improving existing. Soltech is networked with partners, and also works with customers' own partners.


Soltech Oy
Mikko Hellström, CEO
Harakankellonkuja 1
02390 Sarfvik, FINLAND
E-mail: mikko.hellstrom (at) soltech.fi
Phone: +358 40 5603845
Business ID: 2379860-9

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